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Making a marriage a priority is easy in the first stage of marriage, as partners are naturally energized and more tolerant of each other. But over time and as other stressors demand time and attention, less time and energy are available to go to the relationship. At this point annoyances and maybe resentments emerge, and criticism, complaining, or your partner’s lack of effort may cause you to lose feeling for the other. Goals at Blair Counseling include better communication and increased understanding of each partner.

Once, you were happy and in love. Now you feel like you can’t win with your partner, or you have just lost interest. At best, you do not want to live as mere roommates for the rest of your life. At worst, conflict can lead to depression, health problems, and impact your children. What is different now? If you were happy once, can’t we be happy again? Blair Counseling provides optional approaches to deal with resentments, lack of energy for the relationship, and lack of communication.

Feeling Empty in Marriage

How to Stay Married

The Art of Communication

Does This Count as Cheating?

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