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Loss of energy or motivation prevents work from getting done. It leads to irritable moods, feelings of guilt, relationship problems, and disrupted sleep. It may lead to unwanted weight gain or loss. Goals at Blair Counseling include increasing energy, better sleep, and finding an effective way to reduce dwelling on problems.

Feeling down, loss of energy or motivation, sleep and appetite disturbance, difficulty concentrating, and irritability are treatable. Studies find that while medication can reduce activity in the brain´s emotion centers (called the limbic system) Blair Counseling uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, which quiets over activity in a different region of the brain – the cortex, which is the seat of higher thought. This approach is demonstrated to have a much lower relapse rate.

Thoughts of Suicide

Managing Emotions

Adjusting to Grief and Trauma

Attacks by Panic

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An exploration on how Christianity impacts mental health counseling.