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How would you answer these questions:

When I am struggling, I think God __________.

When I am suffering, God responds by __________.

When I fail, God feels __________ toward me.

When I feel angry or vindictive, God __________.

Christian Counseling is Available

Blair Counseling offers Biblically-based counseling as an option to wrestle with questions like:

Does God really intervene in life, in my life?

What if my spiritual life is empty?

What if my spouse has different spiritual values than me?

How can faith strengthen relationships, or help with depression or anxiety?

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Effective Listening

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For families devoted to a biblical process to resolve conflict but torn asunder by unresolved issues, family mediation is recommended using the 12-step process of reconciliation described in the book Hope in the Face of Conflict.


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Research by the Barna Group uncovered two surprising facts: (1) the majority of the nation’s non-churched are comprised of people, not who say they are not Christians, but who say they are, and (2) about 4 out of 10 of these stopped attending due to a “painful” or “negative” ordeal. Barna projected that at the current drop-out rate attendance nationally will be half of what it is today in 15 years.

Research shows that there is a direct correlation between conflict and attendance: the more conflict a church has the fewer people remain in attendance. Blair Counseling and Mediation can establish an in-house system which conveys to its members that the church is able and willing to gracefully and effectively address disputes as they emerge, for the good of all. More specifically, we embrace the Judeo-Christian Model of Peacemaking developed by Dr. Ken Newberger. Its application in local congregations is detailed in his book entitled, Hope in the Face of Conflict. This practical step-by-step process looks to the pattern God used to make peace with us. It is based on love as the first foundation, justice the second, with reconciliation the goal and mediation the means.

If you are a pastor or church leader, feel free to view a 6 minute PowerPoint overview presentation

To learn more, please contact Dan Blair
or Dr. Kenneth Newberger


An exploration on how Christianity impacts mental health counseling.