Child Behavior

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Kids today are exposed to more problems than a generation ago thanks to the internet, cable, and cell phones. Even if kids have limited access to the media, they are still exposed to it through the activity and conversation of their peers. Opposition, defiance, attention-deficits, anxiety, depression, substance use, bullying, aggression and self-injury are among the issues parents and kids have to face. Blair Counseling can provide optional parenting plans or work directly with your child to better cope with their situation and improve self-esteem.

Raising kids can be one of the most stressful experiences. They don’t come with a troubleshooting guide. Lack of time and energy to stay connected with your children can make you feel like you’ve lost control. Attention-deficits, opposition/defiance, depression, anxiety, substance use, aggression and self-harm are among the issues parents and kids have to face. Blair Counseling looks for ways to connect with kids to be a positive influence on their lives and give them skills to deal with challenging situations.

Parenting Tips

Where Is That Checklist for ADHD?

Common Childhood Diagnoses

Child Abuse

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