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Fueled by stress hormones, anxiety combines worry with uncomfortable and at times intolerable physical sensations. On top of feeling stressed, you may find shortness of breath, a racing heart, chest or stomach pain, and possibly dizziness. Goals at Blair Counseling include increasing an ability to relax and get the information you need to be more confident in dealing with a situation.

Anxiety combines worry with cardiopulmonary symptoms. You may feel that you cannot stop dwelling on disturbing situations. Even without one’s awareness, hyperventilation leads to increased alkalinity of nerve cells leaving one feeling nervous or excitable. It also decreases the availability of carbon dioxide leading to increased heart palpitations, blood flow, increased muscle tension and unusual sensations. Constriction of blood vessels to the brain or extremities can lead to dizziness, or coldness in one’s hands or feet. Tense chest wall muscles can make it difficult to breathe. Decreased blood flow to the stomach increases acidity. Treatment at Blair Counseling includes relaxation techniques, stress management, and altering thought processes.

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Kickstarting Recovery

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