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Fueled by stress hormones, you may feel so frustrated with a situation that you cannot stop thinking about it, or acting in ways that are not satisfying. Goals at Blair Counseling include knowing how to handle a situation and reduce stress levels. We are also certified to complete anger evaluations and anger management sessions for court.

Anger combines cardiopulmonary symptoms with a narrowed focus on a problematic situation. You may feel that you cannot stop dwelling on disturbing situations. Even without one’s awareness, hyperventilation leads to increased alkalinity of nerve cells leaving one feeling nervous or excitable. It also decreases the availability of carbon dioxide leading to increased heart palpitations, blood flow, increased muscle tension and unusual sensations. This response affects judgment and impulse control. Anger is meant to energize, but may lead you to act in counterproductive ways. Treatment at Blair Counseling includes relaxation techniques, stress management, and finding the best way to accomplish your goals in a given situation.

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